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Balthazar quest again

Apr 23, 2012
As Balthazar quested me I went and bought the recipe for the Cloak of weighty grief and it didn't go in my backpack hum Can't seem to move on past Balthazar it seems.

Apr 23, 2012
Went back and I was able to get the recipe from him.

Feb 24, 2009
Uhm... So is your issue that you can't craft it, you don't have the recipe, or you think it didn't go into your backpack at all? Clarify a little please. However, I will go out my way.

1. If you can't craft it.
a.) Make sure you have everything you need to craft.
b.) Make sure you are at the right table
c.) Make sure you bought the right recipe
d.) Make sure your timers are open.

2. You didn't get the recipe.
a.) Make sure you got the right recipe
b.) Are you checking the robes section when you look?
c.) You bought it but didn't get it, contact KI support at support@kingsisle.com (Edit if I got it wrong moderators...)

3. It didn't go into your backpack.
a.) You crafted it and it didn't go in you say?
ai. Are your timers open?
aii. Is your backpack full?
aiii. Contact KI support if all fails.
b.) It shouldn't until you craft it.

That's the only things I can think of..
If it's none of these, then 2 things.
1. I just wasted my time. xD
2. What is it them?

Apr 23, 2012
Professor Grayrose was helping with my Balthazar quest that have been giving me problems first it was the three ring circus only crafted 1 ring. Next quest the same thing only gave me one crimson book case went in my back pack the second is nowhere to be found again, and of course I bought the recipe in both cases and table and reagents I had to buy some with crowns but I had enough for 2 bookcases ugh I only crafted one bookcase at a time. How do you check if the timers are open? It sits at 4 hour all the time