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Balthazar Dragonthorn's Craft Quests

Jun 26, 2009
I was VERY excited to get into Dragonspyre and begin my crafting quests with Balthazar after I fell in love with the castle I saw at the shop in Grizzleheim that must be crafted. Anyway, I am in the Death School and before I started at Ravenwood, I was an accountant and auditor. When I researched Balthazar's quest online, I was truly shocked at all the work that would go into it for such little overall reward. It seemed so little, in fact, that I decided to check and make sure the benefits would outweigh the costs. Guess what?? They don't as far as gold goes.
Total Reward from Balthazar's 3 quests = 12555 gold
Total Cost of the Quests: 16905 gold
The 16905 breaks down into 5 categories: 3 tables (4500 gold, no other crafting quests required anything but the basic table), recipes (4385 gold), purchased ingredients/spells for Banshee, Ghoul, Dark Sprite/Fire Elf card (6070 for death school, I must buy the Fire Elves and will craft the cards for the duskwind tunic) and transmute reagent recipes (1950 gold).
That's 4350 gold short for covering my expenses for this quest, assuming I didn't purchase any of the reagents at the Bazaar (which I did).

I realize the quest is supposed to be a challenge at that level, but is it supposed to be a losing proposition? This quest has already been modified in the past, and I'm not asking that the requirements be changed. However, it seems that when I achieve a goal, I should be adequately compensated for it and the additional 1425 experience points doesn't quite do it for me with all the effort that is going into these quests. At least increase the amount of gold received for the quest so it covers the base cost of earning the badge and maybe a little extra-- for the effort!

Thanks for your time,
Neela Waterwraith
Master Necromancer, level 47

Feb 24, 2009
The purpose of crafting isn't really to make money, if you want to do that, go "talk" to halfang. The purpose of crafting is to gain the requirements to craft special rare items with AMAZING stats. (Ex: Courtly Dirk, Celestial Observatory, Spells, Amber (Cause everyone loves amber righttt?? ;)) and game kiosks.)