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Azteca Making The Grade Craft Bug/Problem

Feb 19, 2013

I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me what i am doing wrong. I have already crafted the eagle war shield and when i take it back to Oztomeca I am told to go get Nectar and bring it back.

I did not need to get nectar from Marsh grove because i have been able to purchase it one at a time over a couple of months at the bazaar. I got the Potent Trap TC helping a friend in battles before i was in marsh Grove. I had everything else so i crafted the shield before being able to get into Marsh Grove.

I can now go into Marsh Grove and have gotten 7 more nectar and have gone back to Oztomeca but am still told to bring back the nectar.

What can I do to complete this quest?

Thank you

Feb 19, 2013

Problem solved, KI had to edit my character. I suspect that my getting nectar in the bazaar and crafting the shield before i could enter the grove caused the proble.

Thank to KI again for fixing me up.