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Azteca crafting quest: Eagle war shield

Feb 27, 2010
In Three points Azteca, Oztomeca asks us to craft an Eagle war shield. I have been looking everywhere for a potent trap treasure card. I've been fighting many bosses that are supposed to drop the card. Can someone tell me which boss drops them more often? And I was wondering... if there are some friends who have the potent trap treasure card, can it be traded? Thank You so much!

Dec 26, 2016
The potent trap treasure card can't be traded, you're gonna have to farm some of the Aztecan bosses. My brother and I both got ours by farming the Fuego Spirit in Saltmeadow Swamp (I think that's where he is?). There's two other bosses in Azteca that drop them as well, but I don't remember. If you have access to Aquila, the Gladiator and Cronus also drop this treasure card.

Good luck!

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
The only place where I've reliably seen Potent Trap drop is Cronus and the Gladiator.

If you're below level 90, you can farm the Gladiator Dimarchaeus. He's in the Zeus/Mt. Olympus dungeon. Go down to where Eris asks you to solve her puzzles. Go past her game pieces and through a door to a hidden boss. He's tougher to defeat because he loves to spam 75% weaknesses. However, he also drops the best ring in the game for level 90 wizards, the Alpha & Omega ring, plus many extremely rare reagents.

If you're level 90 or higher, you can farm the Gladiator or Cronus. To find Cronus, enter Hades/Tartarus and go up to your left where you'll pass through a cave into his lair. He's surprisingly easy to battle considering he's meant to be for level 90 and above. In addition to rare treasure cards like Potent Trap and Sharpen Blade, he also drops very rare reagents and the Blade of the Felled Titan, considered to be the best athame for level 90 wizards.

Both of these bosses are very easy to repeat, just leave the dungeon then run back in again. Cronus battles take 5-20 minutes, depending on team size and skill. The Gladiator takes a little longer, more like 10-30 minutes depending on team size and skill.

Good luck!

Alia Misthaven