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Amber drops observation

Mar 04, 2012
Just an observation I made with harvesting tonight. I was growing a group of 8 White Tiger Lilies on one character and a set of 40 King Parsleys on another, when both sets reached final harvest. I received no Amber from the White Tigers and 5 Amber from the King Parsley.

In addition, the King Parsley replaced its own seed, allowing it to be replanted immediately, while the White Tiger Lily does not provide a replacement seed for itself. King Parsley also will commonly provides additional King Parsley seeds during its interval harvests, which will either allow you to expand your plot on each replanting, or provide healthy snacks for a pet, possibly providing a small increase in pet experience.

Just sharing for those who are still using their gardens as a source of Amber for crafting.

Feb 26, 2012
Yes. After much frustration, and some help from others posting here, I too discovered that mass gardening of KP's is the most effective way to get Amber. Supposedly, the White Tiger Lilies have a higher drop rate -- but I did not experience this, and they are much harder to come by. So big KP gardens with the items that KPs like is a better way to go. It still takes a while, but you do eventually get the amber that way.

Dec 08, 2012
Although this may be true (I HAVE planted the King Parsley a few times but not in a group of 5 or 10), I want to make an suggestion here AND this will save you on a lot of time and energy. For Amber and all the other reagents, Just fight any of the following bosses in Aquila:
Gladiator Diamachaerus (level 90 secret boss) in Mount Olympus
Sand Squid Tentacle (level 90 secret boss) in Atlantea
Cronus (level 90 secret boss) in Tartarus
Hades the Unseen in Tartarus (the last boss in the Tartarus dungeon)

Since these 4 bosses drops all the hard-to-get reagents (including Amber, Amber Dust, Braided Vine, Merle's Whisker, Turquoise, and Vine), They are the perfect boss to get those kind of reagents. In Fact, I've gotten many of them reagents that I've mentioned from these 4 bosses. Go ahead and try them and then post in this topic of what you think of these when you try them out. I think you got about a 1 out of 10 or 15 battles that you'll actually get an amber but that chance MIGHT also be even shorter then that! Like about 1 out of 6 to 12 battles or even shorter then THAT! Well, test your luck on that and tell me what you think of them. You're luck is almost guaranteed with these 4 bosses...almost.

From these 4 bosses, I've gotten about:
35 or 40 Amber
32 Amber Dust
34 Braided Vine
45 Merle's Whisker
20 to 30 Turquoise
42 Vine
(All of the reagents above (except Turquoise) that are mentioned are not sellable at the bazaar)

I hope this helps you in the future
Hunter WaterSmith Level 95

Apr 21, 2012
On the KP (King Parsley), sometimes you'll get no amber. Day before yesterday, I harvested my KP (6 X 4 area=24 KP) and didn't get a single amber. But I do have plenty of KP seeds.

Feb 26, 2012
WiseOne70 on Dec 10, 2013 wrote:
On the KP (King Parsley), sometimes you'll get no amber. Day before yesterday, I harvested my KP (6 X 4 area=24 KP) and didn't get a single amber. But I do have plenty of KP seeds.
Yes, that also is true. Gardening is not perfect, and can be frustrating. I had lots of harvests with no amber as well. Even so, I still found the KP's to be the easiest way for me to get the amber, as I don't have time to run dungeons all day. But any way you go has its advantages and disadvantages.