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Jan 12, 2012
With the autumn frosts coming frequently now, my outside plants may be on their way out soon, but luckily my wizard garden lives on. Three months have passed since my first King parsley 'billy bop boop bopped' into adulthood, and now that his great-great-great-great grand-Parsleys have inherited his plot, I'm halfway to having enough amber to craft my spell. I'm sorry KI, I wish I could say the gardening has been fun and entertaining, but since it hasn't, I thought I'd make a little of my own fun here by giving everyone else a chance to take off their straw hat long enough to tell us the best way to identify a wizard who has been gardening for amber. A few of the methods I use:
- Your right ear begins to twitch uncontrollably just like Moolinda Woo's at the sight of an elder plant that MAY drop amber.

- You make every attempt to attach tracking bracelets to pixies to find them if the plants should 'lose' them.

- You blame the one missing sock from the dryer on garden gnomes.

- You are certain each of your White Tiger Lillies has its own individual personality.

- Your friends refuse to go out to eat with you at Taco Bell because you complain about your burrito being a waste of a Red Pepper.

And the final way to recognize someone who has been hard at work gardening for amber...

- You can not understand why Nabisco never answered your letter suggesting they rename their famous 'cookies and cake' Ninja Fig Newtons. Happy gardening

Sep 10, 2011
great-great-great-great grand-Parsleys have inherited his plot

enough said. I wish I could have said it any better but well done.

Feb 24, 2009
When you never give up and post on all the threads about amber in the world.
Thats an immediate sign.