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Almost a Grandmaster Crafter!

Oct 11, 2009
I am so excited that I am soo close to becoming a Grandmaster Crafter!

I have 5/5 Treant Treasure Cards, 8/8 Fish Fins, 7/7 Perfect Jades, 5/5 Pristine Vials, 10/10 Sanstones, enough Sandstones to Transmute into 6/6 Sunstones, and 10/11 Golden Pearls!

All I need is... to be able to go back to my island (after the update) to use the crafter table to make the Seal of the Seven Seas and to transmute the Sandstones into Sunstones, and only ONE more Golden Pearl! :-o

Wish me luck! :-D

Also, the Bazaar totally wiped me out of Gold because of the reagents I bought there.

*EDIT*: Yay! I got my GM Crafter badge today!

Jul 09, 2010
Congrats to you. I am a adept crafter and I am complaining about prices of reagents. Most people like me go to the Bazaar or to reagent sellers for reagents. My friend had to get a bunch of cattail and it cost 15000 gold! An d it was for cattail! Things like golden pearls cost way too much. Please comment if you agree with me
Justin Unicornbane

Feb 19, 2009
I've been farming pearls all morning. I now have 105 pearls and only 1 Golden Pearl.

Apr 18, 2010
well man just saying gardening should go up to rank 15 it makes me mad that we cant i'm lvl 54 at the moment so can you creators change that and can only life go higher then that to 20 different schools can just go up to 15 and give our life school more seeds plant spells and ya know what let moolinda woo give us new spells like the ones we have mentioned on other posts for other catergories so if you understand what i'm trying to say do it plz i am Wolf BattleSword plz dont email me if you know how i'll check message boards sometimes dont be talk'n trash either

Apr 18, 2010
dude's well crafting is very very hard i'm crafting the ring in dragonspyre ring of aptheosis or something i dont remember if any one is genorous here sell some yo stuff to bazaar oh and try to post things complaints i mean for spells all our schools need a little something specail plz let there be a mission for us at lvl 55 if anyone is passed that just still give them the mission but make it easier for them have them fighht malistaire for their new spell oh yeah when we reach over rank ten in gardening if you guys let us pass that when we harvest from higher rank plants can we get a card thats NOT TREASURE CARD a card we can use in battle many times for ever like our usual cards but make these new spells very strong how about this for LIFE A CARD CALLED Wolf and it can do 1000 damage to all enemies and heal 1000 to friends hmm make the wolf all black and green when it heals us have the green glow and a moon that turns green plz people plz post different things now thats about getting new spells and give storm a spell where there is dark clouds iin the sky then i gets stormy in them it rains enough for an ocean then three storm sharks attack an enemy all enemies and does 1500 and for fire how about a lava river that starts to get big and a lava hand grabs the enemy and loads of lava comes from behind the hand and does 1000 on the enemies by enemies it hits all enemies for death how about a graveyard with grave stones and mist on the ground and zombies start to grab the enemies leg plural in enemies multi attack and does 1000 then 500 on all friends and for myth a rock appears with a book that says THE LEGENDS and it opens and myths trolls hammers most of myths attacking spells lvl 5-15 and then the myth symbal appears and then shoots a fat beam that is yellow with blue stripes and does 1000 damage to all enemies then it makes a earth quake and a crack in the rock go's to the enemy and does 1000 damage to all enemies then the symbal starts to crack and each crack stuns an enemy when the symbal faces them this happens step by step and they are all stunned for two rounds and on final crack the symbal breaks

May 27, 2009
Well, the choice is between spending the time to collect the reagents, or spending your gold to purchase them. Personally, I'd much rather collect cattails in the "wild" than buy them at the Bazaar -- they are so common in many worlds.

Happy Crafting!