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A problem with the quest "TWO RING CIRCUS"

Aug 28, 2012
I'm a , 101st level that has some catching up to do with crafting. I acquired the "TWO RING CIRCUS" quest about a month ago. Since then I've spent hours looking for ore and diamonds to craft the Rings of Apotheosis as instructed in the quest dialogue.

Today I found the necessary quantity of diamonds that I needed for the second ring and after my purchase I immediately headed to my house to craft this so special ring.

I did so. The notes, indicating i have completed a task of a quest played and the quest helper told me to head to Balthazar Dragonthorn. in order to complete the quest. I went to Dragonspyre, The Atheneum. And as i approached Balthazar I saw that the question mark above him was gray.

I talked to him and he said that i am still not finished with the quest. Can someone help me? I have anticipated this moment that i become a Master Astrian rank and this is bugging me off.

Thank you

Oct 27, 2009
Did you have both rings in your backpack when you saw the Balthazar? He wants to see what you made. If one overflowed from your backpack to the bank, that could do it, or if you had the second ring, but put the first somewhere else. If you sold or trashed the first ring after you made it, you might have to make it again. If you were wearing one of the rings, and have the other in the pack, you might want to take it off before you talk to him.

Feb 03, 2010
did you keep the 1st ring after you crafted it? you need both rings in your inventory to have the quest done.