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A new Idea

Feb 28, 2010
What if there was something like crafting but you enchanted your equipment. You could up the pip chance or up the universal resist but possibly giving up other stats on the clothes. For example you could give up 150 health for 3% resist (just an example numbers dont really matter) Or for lesser stats you wouldnt have to give up anything such as 2% damage in a school.You couldnt enchant your gear unlimited times. It could only have 1 enchantment slot or 2 on rare drops. (of course KI wants to make money so they would sell 3 enchanting slot gear for crowns)
None of the numbers are firm so leave a comment with your suggestions towards my idea.

Feb 29, 2012
I would love a way to customize your gear to your own fighting style. Enchanting would allow more variability for your equipment, and would help keep people interested in crafting.
I would take enchantment or even crafting equipment from scratch if you could customize what attributes your gear boosts.

Jan 02, 2012
I think its a great idea! I would love having that capability as well.

Jul 30, 2012
i like the base of your idea only i think it would be better if you could enhance as much as you want but yes i know its too easy so you would have to find a lot of reagents per stat

maybe 50 ore 25 frost flower and 100 stone blocks just an example and it would be where the enhances don't work in pvp because that would be unfair

or my other idea is where you can combine clothing stats
like if you had a hat for good health and a hat for good attack you could combine them
you would pick the one you want it to look like and the reagents would vary based on the other ones stats
for example if it was 25 percent ice boost it would be 25 or 50 frost flower just example