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A Guide to Crafting

Oct 29, 2012
Into: I see many students trying to become higher level crafters, but are sometimes lost and confused. it is hard to find some reagents, so I thought that I could make a guide for young wizards to help! Remember that this is a guide and might not help all wizards.

The Steps: Here are some easy steps to find reagents;

Step 1: Always check the Bazaar. That has many reagents for a reasonable price. Sometimes even lower then reagent sellers them selves.

Step 2: Farm bosses for some reagents. This could help a ton!

Step 3: You can also craft some "rare" reagents. This could take time and is only recommended for when Step 1 and 2 can not be fulfilled.

Step 4: Farming plants can also be helpful! This can give many reagents for all of those farmers out there.

Crafting Cards: Crafting cards takes time and patients. Don't expect it to happen in the first day. Cards that you do craft are permanent! Yes they stay forever. You can also craft Treasure Cards or "TC". These are of course not permanent.
To craft permanent cards, you must first be a legendary crafter. This badge is giving to you in Avalon. These cards are very powerful, for the pips that they are worth. Examples of these cards are Deer Knight, Goat Monk, and Ninja Pig.
Treasure cards can be crafted at almost any level. These are regular treasure cards. These recipes can be bought at all the school trees, and in every world. Very helpful in if you are a level 50 or under, but becomes somewhat unused for later levels.

Amber: Amber is very rare. Amber can be found from bosses in Avalon (Last boss), at Water Works or Brisk Breeze Tower, or by farming some plants (Tiger lily for highest chance). For more information, please see Professor Greyrose post about it here: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/crafting-gardening/amber-50632.

Levels of Crafting: There are many levels of crafting, this will explain what world and what "Special" thing it gives. This will only go up to master crafter.

Level: World given at: Specialty

Novice: Wizard City: can finally use some recipes.
Apprentice: Krockatopia: Getting a second timer to craft.
Initiate: Marylebone: Able to craft Manikins to hold armor.
Adept: Mooshu: Can craft extra space (Grass mounds for example)
Master: Dragonspyer: Able to craft houses

Houses: Houses can also be crafted. These recipes can be extremely long, and takes a lot of time. Some worlds, Grizzlehiem, have these recipes. Grizzlehiem is not the only world that has houses.

If you have any other ideas or types please leave them below, THANK YOU!

Jul 30, 2012
Excellent Post WilliamLoki!

Here are some more advanced tips:

1. Remember you can shared-bank reagents between your wizards.

2. Always pick-up stone blocks and sandstones. I never seemed to have enough of these (and the corresponding fossils and sunstones).

3. You can shared-bank crafted items (but not the castles or spells). This means your high level wizard can craft helpful items for your lower leveled wizards. (housing portals, gardening "likes", etc)

4. If you haven't started gardening for amber drops start now. It does not matter what level you are, getting amber takes a very very long time. So plant a King Parsley garden ASAP.

5. Many of the higher level crafted items require spell cards as a reagent. You can't shared-bank the spell cards, but you can trade them using a trusted inbetween xfer wizard. (creating a 2nd account is free...).

6. I am not aware of any level restrictions for the crafting quests. But there might be? Has anybody tried to zip a level 20 through all the crafting quests? Possibly the Zafaria quest giver is restricting. I'll get back later on this point...

7. When crafting the higher level spells that require amber, turqouise, etc, consider very carefully which of your wizards should craft the spell. Your level 90 promethean that is about to finish the game.... or your level 50 that still has a long way to go.

8. If you have a high level wizard (Lvl 80+) zipping a second wizard through the crafting quests up to Avalon is ridiculously easy. If your high level wizard has finished Azteca then getting more turqouise and agave nectar is pretty easy too.

9. Of course this sounds obvious: It is usually easiest to farm bosses for desired items using your highest level wizard, then shared-bank the items to the wizard you actually want to give it to. (ex: farming the Jade Oni is much easier with a Lvl 90 wizard!).

RottenHeart, Lvl 90

Jul 30, 2012
^^^Regarding my previous post...

Some TCs can not be traded between wizards. Potent Trap is one of the tc's that can not be traded. Potent Trap is one of the elusive reagents required for the Azteca crafting quest.

Interesting to note that my young daughter's level 20 wizard got a Potent Trap tc when she ported to me in Azteca and we were messing around various dungeons just for kicks. It took me several weeks after that before I got my first Potent Trap! LOL!

TCs for the avalon spell crafting ingredients can be traded. Deer Knight and Lord of Night tc's for certain.

~ RH