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A Crafting Suggestion

May 11, 2009
I'd love to see the rare reagents (like black pearls, diamonds, and Blood Moss) sold at a vendor. These could either be sold for lots of gold or the vendor could be after a really hard dungeon. Make it hard to get them, but not near impossible like it is now. For the crafting quest in Dragonspyre you need a total of 108 black pearls. I've been watching my numbers and only get one black pearl out of every 50 or so Black Lotus. That's 5400 black lotus plants I need to find. Yes, you can transmute black pearls from black lotus, but that's still 1620, if the 1:50 ratio holds that means finding 1588 black lotus plants keeping the black pearls along the way and transmuting the rest. This is beyond a quest, this is tons of time spent running in circles doing the same thing over and over. Not exactly fun.

It would be nice if this could be addressed in some way, hopefully soon.

Aug 15, 2009
SWEET!!! I love that idea! Dont get me wrong its fun to find them but what a lot of recipes require takes hours and hours to find and no crafter has just one think in mind. With all that there is to craft i find myself stuck for hours just to find enough stuff for one thing. That does get old and take from the fun of it. Sure there are reagent packs which i have used on occasion but its not like you can pick and choose whats in the grab pack. And yeah if they are expensive, so what? if it makes crafting the item come a little faster then its worth it to be able to go on to the next craft.

Jun 07, 2010
I think the simplest way to suggest something for crafting is. show what table is needed to craft certain things on the recipe card we want to make.

It shows us what reagents we need on the card but not the table we need to make the item or items. Like if something we make requires a card crafting table, just add that on the list, and if we do not have a certain table, show the table in red text that is required on the recipe, as well as what and how many reagents needed.