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100-pack Reagent bundles not in crown shop...

May 06, 2012
Are the 100-pack reagent bundles coming back? They are no longer in the crown shop.

Jan 23, 2016
I have the exact same question. What is up KI?

Mar 11, 2016
it's possible that i quit playing wizard101 because since KI remove the 100 reagent.it's changes complete the game.i can't craft any longer spell.i was plaining to craft krampus spell on my fire wizard.i craft on my death wizard deer knight and lord of night.i craft on my storm wizard catalan and queen calypso and i craft on my fire wizard brimstone and hephaestus i was planing to craft krampus.i don't have time to start gardening to get sunstone,black pearl,golden pearl,blood moss,sandstone or change realm to get sunstone and black pearls and etc.i can't transmute anymore the reagent that i need.i used to count on buying the refine reagent bundle.it's became impossible to craft basically.its already a nighmare to get amber.please KI bring back the refine 100 reagent bundle in the crown shop we need them to craft and transmute reagent.
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Wolf RedBlood Level 7

Dec 14, 2008
the hundred bundles were there this morning I bought some to craft spells, in game play under regents in the crown shop.

Nov 20, 2015
Yeah, as of 11/15/19 they do not exist again...