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You know what guys, i'm done.

May 08, 2010
Exizor on May 22, 2013 wrote:
Never give up, And by the way pirate101 gets to be the same thing (level 26 witchdoctor) Once i got to cool ranch all it is is defeating 10 Storm raider ships then 8 more then 1 super boss ship etc It gets repetitive with ships and gets even more annoying TRUST ME thats exactly why i quit but if your determined and you like it keep playing but i am just saying it gets repetitive just like celestia
Have fun and i hope you dont expierience what i did in pirate101

~Wolf deathcaster
Level 46
dude seriously if you have like the right ship you can get done easy thats what i did solo easy with my 65 witchdoctor 57 musketeer and now my 24 swashbuckler XD i really think azteca is annoying i find celestia annoying but not hard just cause of fighting bosses who has 5000 health and can critical strike a storm lord with no block whenever that happens to me on my i am hit from 2492 to like 1325 and so in a couple rounds my friend uses medusa ahh look away look away! then i use earth and the storm dies so celestia isnt impossible just annoying like that XD. level 84 level 53 level 29

Mar 11, 2011
dude plese don't stop playing wizard 101 I had the same problem as you but the thing is in clestia ( sorry for miss spell ) you need to have friends help you in clestia I had friends help me in clestia and it was easy so don't stop playing get lots of your friends and go take on clestia

Dec 07, 2012
guys i know celestia is hard and boring * i went through it, so frustrating* but if you dont worry about how boring it is and all these defeat and collects then you would get through it. don't complain just either quit or do the world thats the only ways you can get rid of celestia. its kinda sad to see a player quit because of the quests given in celestia. well its true Avalon Zafaria and Azteca can be some what annoying but way better than celestia tell you that. well quitting is your choice guys. i am Wolf Moonshard currently level 86 you might meet me one day that is if you didnt quit.

Aug 15, 2012
Celestia has to be one of my favorite worlds, I breezed through it with my friend (she was fire) in a few days to a single week. I will have to say it does have it's repetitive streaks but all worlds have it. Zafaria is the one I despise it's probably the most boring world I've been to so far, along with marleybone and mooshu. it seems that almost every quest is a collect quest or a defeat a certain number of enemies quest, and let me tell you that is not what I like to spend my time doing over and over and over again. I will also say that the science center was my favorite area of celestia it's a good break from seeing all those crab and celestian enemies.

David willow breeze

Mar 05, 2013
While I would never characterize Celestia as 'easy' I found it to be a learning process. Took me about a month to finish it solo. I bought Treasure Cards in the Wizard City Library, shields, and used them wisely. Lol, it helped that my sideboard held 30 cards. I used the Shields to make my opponents waste their Huge Spells while gaining pips for myself.I learned the virtue of Patience. That school of thought followed into ZF and AV, which I got through just fine. I understand people over reacting about the next world, how hard it is and all that. You should maybe accept that as you progress here, things are going to get harder and harder. I've whined a bit about Azteca, but I realize it isn't up to KI to make things easier...it's up to me to figure stuff out and get better!

Dec 05, 2012
I have no idea why anyone is complaining, celestia is awesome, like the floating land, and district of stars, plus it wouldn't be fun if they did it, we are meant to do it. and also it isn't that herd with help who agrees with me. :D :) :D :)

Feb 08, 2013
Do what i did, if money is not a problem, create another account, you can have two accounts for 14/month which I think is very cheap for the entertainment value I get out of this game. I would create a life wizard they are more powerful then people think if you get the right gear and use traps and blades. Then play both wizards at the same time, makes some of the harder areas alot easier and your life wizard can heal you both. I just now got my Myth wizard to Celestia where my life wizard awaits. I also have a death wizard at the start of Zafaria.

Mar 17, 2012
I thought Celestia was pretty cool and it does get more fun at the end. I liked the quick burst of xp in celestia. You really lvl up fast. I got from lvl 54 to 55 in 20 minutes

James Hawkeyes
level 59
Road to Legendary!!!