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wow its good to be back

Dec 25, 2012
I've been out of w101 for a while can anyone give me a recap on the story up to celestia .........ok that is a bit much to ask

can someone just give me a nutshell brief summary

May 09, 2015
malvintheworldguy5... on Mar 14, 2017 wrote:
I've been out of w101 for a while can anyone give me a recap on the story up to celestia .........ok that is a bit much to ask

can someone just give me a nutshell brief summary
so through wizard city to mooshu you are basically chasing malistaire and trying to get to him. When you get to dragon spyre you have to get up on the big mountain to reach malistaire, once you defeat him off to celestia you go, celestia is the first world in the second ark so you are introduced to the main boss near the end (Morganthe). Well I hoped this helped in someway.
Peace out wizards

Mar 12, 2017
Wizard City:
You are presented with the threat of Malistaire. He and his armies of the undead have ravaged the various streets of Wizard City after his rampage caused by his wife's death. The Death School also went missing as he left. When you first meet with Ambrose, he sends you to Unicorn Way to deal with the threat. There, you defeat Rattlebones, a lieutenant for Malistaire's Army and you learn of the large-scale war. You are then enrolled into Ravenwood and Ambrose solicits help from you. As you battle your way through Wizard City, your fight culminates in a battle with Lord Nightshade, one of Malistaire's generals. When you beat Nightshade, you discover Nightside which was a private area for students of Death magic now houses the fallen Death School and Tower. Dworgyn, the assistant to Malistaire greets you and you learn of the Krokonomicon, a book of ancient magic which can supposedly resurrect people. Ambrose then sends you to Krokotopia in search of the Krokotopia.

In Krokotopia, Marleybonian explorers are searching for ancient relics, one of which is the Krokonomicon, but they are overrun by a native species called the Kroks, crocodile like creatures who have enslaved another native species called Manders. You learn of the Order of the Fang, a group of powerful wizards and warriors who protected the Krokonomicon, but their location is lost. Professor Winthrop discovers the location and sends you to the Krokosphinx where you meet Alhazred and Shalek the Wise, two members of the Order. Shalek sends you to find the other members, General Khaba, Khai Ahmate the Great, and [some Emperor]. When you next speak to Alhazred, the Order has been reassembled and all evidence points to the Tomb of Storms, a large mausoleum of Kroks which house the Djeserit, Ahnic, and Karanahn families [spelling?]. At the end of the Tomb, Krokopatra waits for you only to reveal that Malistaire already has the Krokonomicon. Sergean Major Talbot then sends you to Marleybone

Mar 12, 2017
The search for the Krokonomicon leads you to Marleybone, home to industrialized species of dogs, cats, and rats. Gangs however, have overrun everything. Clancy Pembroke sends you to meet with Sherlock Bones to see who is the leader of the gangs, revealed to be Meowiarty. You chase Meowiarty through Newgate Prison during his break where you have your first confrontation with Malistaire who reveals that Meowiarty and he are in cahoots. To learn then where the next strike from Meowiarty will be, you must ask Dr. Von Katzenstein. After fighting through his Lab, you speak to a golem who tells you that the next strike by Meowiarty will be at Big Ben. You go to Big Ben and beat Meowiarty, but Malistaire is already on his way to Dragonspyre. Ambrose tells you to go to Mooshu now to ask the Emperor, a member of the Council of Light and an ally to Wizard City for the key to Dragonspyre.

One does not simply speak to the Emperor. You go through trials of the Mind, Body, and Spirit to see if you are pure of heart. You are. You speak to the Palace guard who tells you that the Emperor is sick and that you must cleanse the land. There are three different Onis [Elephant Demons] (War, Plauge, and Death) which represent and cause the various ailments that plauge the land. You fight your way through and clear the battlefield, cleanse the land, and restore balance to life. Your time in Mooshu culminates in a battle with the Jade Oni who has possessed the Emperor. When the Emperor's health is restored, you receive the Dragonspyre Spiral Key.

Basically, you try to earn admission to the Dragonspyre Academy by proving yourself (a popular theme throughout Dragonspyre). Once you gain admission, you must raise a battledrake to take you to the Great Spyre where the First Arc ends in the defeat of Malistaire and the dispelling of his and his wife's spirit.

Hope this and my previous post helps! Glad to be of assistance.