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Why is celestia SO easy?

Mar 24, 2011
you all gotta stop complaining and enjoy the game while you can. instead of finding bugs and saying oh its too hard or oh its too easy. Well here is an idea! if its too easy FIND A HARDER GAME!
if it too hard: MAKE A NEW CHARACTOR!

you people have no respect for KI cause you always making more work for them. Give them a break

Nov 12, 2009
I also think that the warehouse is hard but Celestia is not THAT easy. Well it depends on what school you are. On my balance file it took me forever to complete Celestia. I kept on dying over and over again. In my oppinion Celestia should stay the same. Please KI don't change Celestia! :-o

May 30, 2009
awesomecam030 wrote:
you all gotta stop complaining and enjoy the game while you can. instead of finding bugs and saying oh its too hard or oh its too easy. Well here is an idea! if its too easy FIND A HARDER GAME!
if it too hard: MAKE A NEW CHARACTOR!

you people have no respect for KI cause you always making more work for them. Give them a break

KI is supplying a product and the customers are aloud to give their input on if they're satisfied or unsatisfied with it. If KI was to stop listening to their customers then the game would become absolutely horrid. "Give them a break", uh lol it's their JOB and they actually WANT player's feedback if something isn't working right so they can make the game better.

Jun 11, 2010
Some schools may find it easier, some may find it harder. I say the best strategy would be a group of four, after doing the math to figure out which schools to use you could beat Celestia easily! Of course this is only a theory as I am in MarleyBone, but MooShu is getting closer every day.

Sep 13, 2010
You don't need to do Warehouse to get Celestia! Poor you! Warehouse is a side quest that is to give you an idea at the level of Celestia. I get what you mean though. Celestia is easy if you have high level spells. if you use hex,fire trap,fireblade,curse, smokescreen, sprite, fient and fire dragon + boosts for fire, your clothes and all that you get loads of damage. But even then celestia hard with the cheating bosses.

Oct 24, 2009
How can you think the Warehouse is hard? Bring a Death friend that has bunches of Beguiles and you can just watch them kill themselves. Celestia is the hardest for me. The storm crab. Get killed with a Triton or a 1000 Wild bolt (they haven't fizzled so far on me) And a 12/14 pip tempest with a stormblade and a trap. Haha took me 12 and a half days to get the quest turned in.

Mar 05, 2010
foogo1 wrote:
I haven't been able to go to Celestia because I'm a level 33 pyromancer, but I've teleported to some friends and it is so NOT, easy. Some of it is, but not all of it. -- Blaze Dragonfist, level 33 Pyromancer :)

well thats probably because you're only lvl 33

Apr 24, 2011
are you kidding me?!!!! you think celestia is easy? it's impossible to do alone because the creatures start offwith three or four power pips, so then they can cast a high ranked spell in the first round! only a gamer can do celestia alone and think it's easy and also being a gamer isn't a compliment!

Oct 11, 2009
I remember when the Warehouse used to be hard. When you get to level 60 it's pretty easy. I did it yesterday in about an hour and fifteen minutes. It was harder when everybody was level 50 without Forest Lord, Efreet, Ra, Leviathan, Skeletal Dragon, Medusa, and Ice Angel. But yeah, Celestia is somewhat easy.

May 03, 2011
I confess I don't quite see the point of posts like this. Not questioning anyone's RIGHT to post what they want--but it's simply not helpful or useful to simply insist that something most people--or many people--find terribly challenging (questing in Celestia), is a breeze for you. That's great. You are better at this game than many of us, clearly. Was that the point of the post--to simply let everyone know you're really good? Okay, great. You rock. But I guess I don't see how this helps the community--especially when things degenerate into quasi-name-calling and the like. I mean really. There are lots of things that are easy for me--languages, writing, driving a standard shift, etc.--but I don't assume that people who struggle with those things are inferior (that was clearly implied, if not explicitly stated, in the original post). Nor do I feel I have to go around telling people how easy these things are for me. I try to help people get better at those things when I can--that makes them all more fun for me. I've met some amazing and cool people in this game, and several--especially a couple I've met through this forum--are clearly WAY better players than I am. And they have taken the time and energy to try to help me get better. Never once did they even remotely imply that "Celestia is a breeze for me, what's wrong with you?" They generously offered their time and their expertise to me, to help me improve my game (you guys know who you are :-) ). That's what a gaming community--and I emphasize that word--should be about. That's why we play with other people instead of alone on a console. So since you are clearly an amazing player, how about sharing your expertise/tips/ etc. with the rest of us. That would be a post worth reading.

Tabitha M. (still struggling through Celestia with less-than-awesome skills)

Jun 16, 2009
Feb 14, 2010
Superwiz1560 wrote:
mpork wrote:
Celestia is so hard to get into by beating The Warehouse. I have beaten cl and there has been nothing harder than The Warehouse and even the Trial of The Spheres is not as hard as The Warehouse. I could not even beat The Warehouse until i was above a 58 and it takes around 3-6 hours and the fastest i have ever done it in is 3 hours with 2 storms and a life. I have beaten The Trial of The Spheres 40 times and i have beaten it alone three times already because the bosses are not even hard. The first time i beat it when i was a 57 i beat the first 2 bosses ALONE. I mean i think it should be a LITTLE harder. :)

I hope you understand how offensive this post will be, and is, to those who had to crawl through monster by monster in a massive uphill battle full of frustration, disappointment, and laptop-smashing anger just to get past the Survey Camp.

My storm girl has finally reached celestia and my ice girl still in ds is right behind her, unfortunately my storm girl had a hard time in the survey camp, hopefully it will get easier. She is now in the place right after the survey camp, forget the name, and the street guys are a good challenge i like it a lot, and am happy i can solo with a good deck, maybe i should get rid of some of my spells in my deck. i am sad that i have to keep leaning on my friends all the time they dont always want to help me and i get it i dont always wanna help then 24/7 either

Dec 21, 2008
Let me tell you a funny story from when Celestia recently came out. I was trying to help a few of my friends do Trial of the Spheres, and we doing that first star boss. When I was in the battle, I was screaming XD . But I wasn't as used to cheating bosses back then, so yeah. I do think that those Jungleteeth in the Floating Land actually need to be a bit easier because they heal so MUCH. It's fine really, but that's just what I think.

Caroline Sunbright level 60 life