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Who hits first?

May 31, 2009
I started playing in Celicia where if I dont hit or have first play of the fight i escape out and dont fight that fight. Just like the boss I just left, he is starting out with three to four power pips and can hit hard first thing right off the bat. This will leave you not trying to hit but to heal.
To remedy this I just dont fight that fight, and if I cant go first then I wait till I can get a friend Life to go with me, cause I can kill, but Like life was in Dragonspyre, He cant fight and heal at same time. My fire, storm and all others cant heal and fight at same time.
Fighting against Myth I just quit using blades and went to fients or traps, My best results is if a friend can place a blade on you just before you hit, Earthquake and placing blades too far ahead is not good. Try using just fients or traps on myth, Watch their pips if in range of earthquake hit fast or dont place blades. I wait till they expend their pips then place a blade.
With my life wizard I used fients and a trap no blades centaur killed easily.
I am waiting for the game to find something wrong with everyone using fients and remove them from us because it is our most valued Boost.