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who can help me beat the lunarium

Jan 24, 2011
i cant beat this lunariam place it is filled with all these star guys i cant dang beat them can someone please help me my characters name is blaze ghost blade level 53 pyromancer please add me because i need help badly

Mar 11, 2011
Sure. I can help. I beat the Lunarium already.
I will meet you outside the portal in Base Camp. My Badge equipped is Grandmaster Conjurer, and I do not have text chat (too lazy). I am wearing the clothes from the Mega Card with the Massive fantasy Palace and when not mounted, I have a pet jellyfish named Simon with me. You will know it is me. Just post a time and the Server on this very short thread.
Finnigan Shadowglade, Grandmaster Conjurer (Level 55).
Major- Myth
Minors-Death, some of Storm, Moon