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What Level SHOULD I Be in Celestia

Jun 30, 2016
Hello! Im about 4 quests into Celestia and I think i’m too low level. I’m a level 45, is that too low?

Mar 15, 2014
A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
You'll find Celestia is much easier after level 48, when you get your scarecrow spell. To answer whether you are "too low" or not, are you struggling? If you are having a rough time in Celestia then yes, you're too low. Are you doing fine in Celestia? Then your level is fine.

Unless you are a very experienced player, I would advise against attempting Wintertusk below level 50. It is a much more challenging world than Celestia is. Worse, you will not be able to block critical hits because gear under level 50 doesn't provide critical or block stats. The mobs and bosses in Wintertusk love their criticals....

Alia Misthaven