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west tome landing

Mar 14, 2012
Mar 12, 2010
mystheyford wrote:
Where is the west tome landing i have a quest to explore it but i cant find it

Start at the Celestia Base Camp. Look at your map. Go to the center of the Base Camp. There are three portals, and for some reason they are not labeled on the map.

Two of the portal have sigils in front of them (The Portico and The Chancel).

But one portal does not have any sigils. You just go through the portal. This one is The District of the Stars. Once inside The District of the Stars, look at your map again. You will see The Stellarium at the top of the map. That's where you need to go for the West Tome Landing.

1. Celesita Base Camp.
2. Use the Portal in center of camp for The District of the Stars.
3. The Stellarium. Then you are there...

Hope this helps.