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welcome to celestia

Jun 24, 2011
i stared celestia at level 40 its not so hard for me any more because i am level 54 now and i am life so its not so hard but life in is not a strong school but i work with my sisters and they help me because one is level 100 and the other one is level 82 and they help me when i need it so its nice to have my sisters around when i need them so if you play and you are having trouble and you have a high level sister or brother or a friend just ask them for help and they can help you. Kymma legend mancer level 54 enjoy celestia

Jun 16, 2011
Wow level 40 that is awesome. But you don't always have to be with your sisters for help, you know they have to have their own time to do quests, and shop. You can ask random strangers and other friends for help. You can also use treasure cards and if you have crowns you can buy your own minions. Hope this helped

Elizabeth level 63

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this cruel world ''
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