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Underleveled for Stormriven?

Aug 10, 2011
Hi, i recently came back from a break. I defeated those Waverunners. Now i'm level 54 and i am (Almost about) to head to.... Stormriven. Do you think thats underleveled for Stormriven? I am defeating bosses and mobs rather quickly, so im not having trouble for that. But i know Stormriven is different. Should i do some side quests and level-up or will i be fine?

Alura Mythshade level 54 Necromancer
Calamity Orgeblossom level 36 Theurgist
Cheryl Trollcaster level 41 Pyromancer

Aug 23, 2009
It can depend, but I think you will be fine. Just adjust your battle style as needed or call in a friend or two to help out.

Jan 29, 2010
I think you should be fine I was a lvl 52 in stormriven and it wasn't too hard

Dec 31, 2010
It doesnt matter your level, if you can defeat the bosses and complete the quests you'll be fine. I get into worlds under the average level but I was fine. Level 38 I got into dragonspyre. Got out at lvl 46. People were saying 40 was a young level for DS. If you have trouble with quests I suggest going on some side quests to level a little more.

Keira Dreamleaf lvl 60 diviner
Tiffany Rainbowheart lvl 27 life
Miranda Icestaff lvl 11 ice

Aug 21, 2009
Most players went from dragonspyre to celestia cause celestia came out after dragonspyre. You level way faster and have a way easier time if you do the other worlds first. Celestia is however the most challenging and argueably the funnest of all of the worlds to play but the end boss is a bit weak and as such a disappointment relative to the rest of it.

Jun 06, 2010
Well it goes storm riven then lunarium then science center. Haha I was 52 in riven now i in science center and 54 so your level is fine

Oct 24, 2010