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Jul 28, 2017
My friend (Shelby Raventalon) and I (Roslyn Hawktail) are in Celestia now. We started at level 47 and now we're level 52, but from what we heard we're actually quite behind XP-wise. Most people are at level 50 when they start Celestia. We do tend to skip out on side quests but you would think the XP given from the main story quests would keep you up to the average level. I'm just curious as to why that might be, it's not a problem. It doesn't affect our gameplay at all, I just find it kind of weird. Any replies would be much appreciated!

Roslyn Hawktail, level 52

Oct 27, 2009
If questing solo mostly, some of those others may have needed to get some side quest xp, in order to win their fights. Working with another wizard does help your fight abilities. Those who do all side quests would be several levels higher than 50 by the time they are in Celestia. That would also raise what level is considered average.

Dec 26, 2012
Most wizards at your level do Wintertusk first, which gives them a HUGE xp boost. My life jumped from 48 to 57 before even doing any of Celestia. That's why you are seemingly underleveled.

Nov 09, 2018
Yeah, I would consider doing Wintertusk first. Grizzle gives zero XP pretty much, but Wintertusk pretty much shoves you up the ladder another 10 levels