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Umm... Is this supposed to be EASY?

Nov 05, 2011
For some reason, I have always had a HARD time in Celestia. I just graduated to the Floating Land with the help of some very annoyed friends. I can't defeat a SINGLE jungletooth! I am balance level fifty-three. Everybody else I meet is level 60-70. I NEVER do Grizzleheim because it's too easy and gives low xp. I realize I probably have to go to Grizzy, but what level should I stop at? I am stuck at the Joton part in Grizzy.
Thank you to EVERYONE that reads this!

Jun 17, 2012
Hi Madison,

Balance is not easy is it? But it is worth it. Don't feel bad about the jungletooth enemies, they are hard.
I would recommend finishing GH and going to WinterTusk. You will get more gear you can use or sell and
you will level fast making you stronger. You can finish Celestia without doing GH and WT, but it would be
easier for you to solo Celestia if you complete GH and at least start questing in Wintertusk while you are
finishing up Celestia. If you need help, I have a myth wizard currently questing in Stormriven. Let me know if you want to meet up. I can also help you with Jotun. I am in EST time zone and play most nights after 9:00PM.

Autumn Wild Heart Exalted
Angela Legend Level 54

Oct 09, 2011
It's not supposed to be easy. The reason you've been having a hard time is the huge difficulty increase between Dragonspyre and Celestia. Just do as Nordic Champion said.

Jan 25, 2015
Finish grizzlehiem and move on to wintertusk.. Wintertusk is the same level of difficulty though so be careful

Nov 05, 2011
Thx guys, I'll take your advice and do Grizzleheim and Wintertusk
once again, thanks

Dec 26, 2011
I doubt it. I have needed help from a friend on every fighting quest so far. Being in the life school stinks. I always need help. It's annoying.

Jan 25, 2015
lifedeathbalancemy... on Apr 25, 2015 wrote:
I doubt it. I have needed help from a friend on every fighting quest so far. Being in the life school stinks. I always need help. It's annoying.
this might be a couple days late but the life school doesn't I'm a life wiz and I have had a few hard times but It's easy for me cause i'm used to life and I know how to use it ( not saying you dont know how to use it ) but mostly depends on your gear. for ice bosses I have block and resist gear and still have enough life damage to do a lot and same for storm

May 06, 2012
Hi, I suggest doing some side quests to boost your level. It will make the world a lot easier. Also, do grizzleheim. Grizzleheim itself is not a very good world for xp, but Wintertusk is good for xp, spells, and rewards. Getting to wintertusk is worth doing grizzleheim.

Jul 13, 2014
I agree! From dragon spire to Celestia it got very hard. I need help on almost every fight! I'm on the stormriven part and the shadow-web people are hard enough. Karolak (something like that) is the boss I'm on and he's impossible to solo. I'm assuming Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, and the other world are even harder.

lvl 54 Michael Mistrider

Jan 05, 2014
My balance wizard ran Wintertusk before going to Celestia. The early part of Celestia was somewhat hard, though not as hard as wintertusk. After you start getting sun damage spells and can use level 56 and 58 gear from the bazaar things get easier. I cannot remember a single fight in Celestia I could not solo. Compared to Frostbranch and the Nastrond dungeon the Trial of the Spheres is easy.

Oct 02, 2012

Balance can be hard but once you get more aoe (attack all) spells such as Ra it won't be as hard. My ice character had a hard time in Celestia until he got Frost Giant.

Do Wintertusk if you haven't already done that or do more sidequests in Dragonspyre to level up faster.

If you want a good quest try getting into Stormriven, there is a quest that rewards 16000 XP.

Friends can also assist you in boss battles or even getting quests done. Try asking them for help.

Kane IceCaster Level 52
Kane LifeCaster Level 49

Nov 05, 2011
Thx for the advice! I finished Grizzy and wintertusk and am on to Zafaria! Or pet training..., it's kind of annoying that I have to have a matching mount and pet to the world I'm in LOL!

Aug 20, 2012
1) How do I post a question? This says it's a reply....?

2) I am on my 3rd wiz and need most of the tomes in Celestia. I've just spent about an hour trying to find information on them but can't find a comprehensive list of the tomes and where I can locate them. (For instance, I need THE CHANCEL; there isn't any info anywhere so I'm assuming it's called something else? Can this be more confusing?!?!?!)

3) I need: survey camp, the lunarium, the chancel, and trial of the spheres

Any help would be appreciated!

Jan 11, 2012
as others said,m finish Grizzleheim and go to Wintertusk, but not JUST for the XP. You'll WANT to visit Carax Strongthread for the L56 crafted gear (unless what you have is better). I know my Fire, Death, Life, and now Myth have ALL benefited from it. For MOST people, it's a HUGE upgrade

Dec 11, 2011
From a fella with 6 wizards all over level 60, deck edit. Make a spam deck even. Pure nova and sandstorm, waste no pips and hit hard with balance blades and an amplify. Celestia is quite easy and if you think it's not, I'm afraid I got some bad news for you when you hit other worlds.

Sep 15, 2015
I'm balance too and when I was in the floating lands I was only level 48 and I did struggle defeating the mobs because I soloed them(and the whole game). I haven't done wintertusk yet(I'm gonna do it after celestia) so I'm a low level and I didn't get to use astral schools and start to crit until I was done with storm riven. It is hard and balance is an extremely challenging solo school but you just gotta learn good battle strategies and buy or craft some really good gear to get through it!

-Sierra Pearl
Level 51 sorcerer

Oct 19, 2011
lifedeathbalancemy... on Apr 25, 2015 wrote:
I doubt it. I have needed help from a friend on every fighting quest so far. Being in the life school stinks. I always need help. It's annoying.
(lol it does stink) now onto the question i would do grizzleheim and wintertusk because thats what i did and it was EASY

May 08, 2010
Celestia Is suppose to be a medium ranking world, I just got done with the Portico on my Storm, and Moving on to science center after I get my Celestia Robe Crafted. In my opinion, The Final Boss fight for Dragonspyre should be converted to Celestia Difficulty, Having Mal with 4 full sets of power pips, to get players ready for celestia.
I've been helping my friend with it, who just got done with the Portico, and he's level 50 now.