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Trial of the Spheres

Sep 01, 2009
If anyone is available tomorrow morning (CST) in Wraith realm, I desperately need to finish Celestia. I am a level 60 Life wizard, and realized earlier that I have not completed the quest necessary to get to the new world when it goes live. If you can help, please meet Molly in front of the furniture dealer in Celestia around 9:00 am, again, CST (central standard time), in Wraith realm. Thank you!!!
Molly, Legendary Life :D

May 03, 2011
I can't help anyone on weekdays, but if there are wizards who need to finish the Trial, I would be happy to lend a hand anytime after 9:30 pm Eastern most evenings. Weekend afternoons are also a possibility.

Tabitha Mythrider, Level 60 Myth
Tabitha Ravenheart, Level 60 Death