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Trial of spheres chaos

Oct 16, 2010
KI, I'm sorry to be complaining but I ask for an update to be made soon. If there was a in dungeon game saver that saves for WAY more than 30 minutes. So the chaos part for trial of spheres, it's un beatable for me. I can't ever find the time to do it. I have the time for waterworks just not trial of spheres. So I ask that you make an in dungeon game saver to keep someone's progress saved for as long as needed. It's been about a month since I got the quest to do it. Please make this happen.

Aaron deathrunner balance lvl. 65

Feb 24, 2009
Sorry but KI is not going to change their game for a few individuals... :/ If you find something troubling, get friends. You can always join wizard101central and go the the US Help wanted section and post a thread, or request from M4H (Mercenaries for Hire) or The Assistance Specialists! Hope I helped C: