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Traing points for existing secondary schools

Sep 16, 2010
What if i'm currently level 25 and have most all of my training points spent on my current secondary school (myth) for example. Is there anyway i can trade those points back in so i can spend them towards the new secondary schools introduced when celestia opens up or do i just have to count them as a lose and spend what points i earn after lvl 25 towards the newly introduced school of choice????.........I guess technically that would make me have two secondary schools but never reach the maximum limit with either one of them unless you're given enough training points to do so which i highly doubt will happen. Concerned and stuck in the middle are my thoughts and feelings at the moment although I am anxious to see the new world just like everyone else.

When young Wizards first start out at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, they are often excited by the many different spells to spend Training Points on, such as shields and magical spells outside their school of focus. We understand that as Wizards progress, they sometimes wish they could return those spells in exchange for their Training Points back. Well now you can!

Mr Lincoln in Golem Court will allow you to Spend Crowns to buy back all your Training Points and return all of the spells obtained with those Training Points. You can respend your new Training Points as desired.

The price in Crowns is dependent on how many training points you have spent

Mar 18, 2010
i have a grandmaster storm wizard along with four other grandmaster wizards including life,death,fire,and balance! ive had these five grandmasters for a long time so actually started a myth wizard a couple days ago that is level 26 already! but i want to know if the rumor of taking my bolt spell away from my storm wizard is true? please tell me its not true i love my storm wizard and i love my spell bolt very much! i spend ALOT of money on wizard for crowns and pay for 5 monthly accounts and on my storm wizard bolt is my favorite spell when it doesnt fiz! storm wizards have the lowest life of any other wizard i guess because the spells are very strong! i dont pvp very much but im betting that all the complaints about bolt are coming from those people who do pvp alot because bolt is the best spell to use in pvp! bolt kills alot of the pvp players when it doesnt fiz and thats why pvp players are complaining! if you take away bolt you might as well take judge from my balance wiz or dragon from my fire or wraith and crow from my death and rebirth from my life right? well if you take away bolt the pvp players will want those spells gone to so please dont give into them its not right for us who have grand storm wizards! thank you pixiewixie2

Jun 30, 2009
yes we all know about the crown seal for training points well that seems not all the great i mean at lvl 50 i spent 2500 plus a little more to get all my points back and that means i had to spend like 10 dollars to get my training points ok now if it was like you could use gold that would be great and i could see a price like 10000 to 15000 gold to get them back cause training point are great but crowns to get them back that not right

Apr 03, 2010

Sorry Kingsisle, but this one just looks like a way for you guys to make more money. You gave us no information about there being new spells that need training points and now you are making us use our crowns to buy new ones...

Jan 27, 2009
you get 6 training points in celestia, that's plenty to spend even if you don't have any others,

Sep 16, 2010
I'm in agreement that charging crowns to regain your training points is over the top, especially when you are new and just learning the game.

I would suggest a one time FREE exchange for all time, and after that a 'trade off' when the game gets a major upgrade like Celestia. In other words, don't charge us monthly subscription rates and then penalize our gaming style by charging us for point conversions. Give us some kind of break on this.

Limiting the amount of times you can freely trade off is warranted. By the same token, charging us for point conversions after the free trade off would be warranted as well.