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Tip for celestia if you are having a hard time

Jan 06, 2013
well you might need to do some side quests but I would recommend they be in dragon spyre or celestia. Now i have found that if you need someone to help you that's okay i ask for help all the time but don't go looking for lvl 90 or 95 friends because chances are they will say no or don't revive friend requests. My little sister is lvl 45 ish and she helps me because it doesn't matter if they are high lvl just that they can take some damage. If you don't want to ask for help, do side quests and try to farm for better gear if you can also see what the shops have. i am lvl 62 death (still don't even have skeletal dragon) and i am almost done with celestia. i ready did the water works so if you need gear and you get lvl 60 i would suggest to lvl about two more times then ask so lvl 70 or 60 friends i got great gear from it and when someone askes me for help on it i will totally help them. just a coupe of tips that i used but i am death so it may be different for you