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The Water-Maton Defeat and Collect Quests

Sep 25, 2016
There are a total of three quests in the Science Center in Celestia that require you to defeat and collect items from the Water-Maton creatures. I found these quests to be pretty frustrating. Not only does it take multiple battles to get the items, the Water-Matons and Hydro-Mechs are all in one area! It can be very annoying when you accidentally get into a battle with the creature you don't need, and it can make getting the items much harder!

I think it would make these quests much more bearable if the Water-Matons and Hydro-Mechs were separated into their own areas of the map so there is only one kind of creature in each area. This could also be helpful for the quests where you need to battle Hydro-Mechs.

I also think that it's kinda annoying that there are three quests that require you to defeat and collect items from the exact same creature. Defeat and collect quests can be pretty annoying in general but it's less annoying when you're fighting different kinds of creatures. It adds some more fun and variety! What do you think?

Aug 03, 2015
I have the same problem.

The aqua bots have their own area so why don't the water matons?

The fact that they are spawning all over the place in a bunch is a problem, but the spamming of tower shields and death shields (watermatons are life) as a death is beyond frustrating. Perhaps nerfing those certain types of creatures and have them spawn in different areas would be satisfying?