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The solution to the low level problem! READ!

Oct 11, 2009
Everyone is whining about the lower levels. Some say it's unfair to port into higher worlds. Others say it is fair. Well, I found a solution. YES! READ! I found a solution! By the way throughout this, I'm just gonna call the lower levels noobs because it is shorter. It's not to be offensive.

Teleporting Updates

First, I think there should be a thing that pops up in your screen when someone is trying to port. It would say "_____ __________ , Level __ [scool icon] ___ [school icon] would like to teleport to you. Let them teleport?" And you either click "Yes" or "No". If you click "Yes" the person will port to you automatically. If you click "No" a thing will appear on the other person's screen saying "Your friend doesn't want you to teleport at this time." And to keep people from overpowering it because the person they're porting to say's "No" there will be a thing that pops up and says this (self explanitory): "Your friend has denied your teleports 5 times within 10 minutes. You can't teleport to them until 10 minutes. " And if that happens, a button will appear under the "Add to Group" button on the playercard of the guy trying to teleport for the friend's wizard. It says "Allow Teleport". That way, if the friend needs him to help before the 10 minutes are up, he can turn the timer off.

Higher World Restrictions and Freedoms

When someone ports to their higher Legendary in a higher level world, there should be both restrictions and freedoms. I'll start with the basics. I don't think noobs should be kept from porting into higher worlds all together. Simply because their Legendary friends might need help. Anyway, when noobs port to their friends, they will be able to roam around, help their friend, ect. in that street area. But, when they exit it, they will automatically go to Celestia Base Camp or the Basilica or whatever. If they try to go back in, a message will pop up and say "You have not unlocked this area yet." The only way to get back in is by porting to your buddy again. Also, if the Legendary friend loggs of, and the noob is in the street area, he/she will be automatically redirected to the commons area. And a timer will start, and the noob will have 10 minutes to roam around in the commons area for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, they will be automatically be sent to the Commons in Wizard City. A message will turn up saying "Your roaming time in the commons area of the world has expired." Also, if the noob leaves the world before the time runs out, they wont be able to go back in (unless porting), and the timer will disappear. If the person they teleported to loggs back on before the timer runs out, the timer will disappear. So, a lot of this depends on the person the noob ported to. Also, if the noob ports to his friend in, lets say Celestia, and then ports to another friend in Celestia, everything will depend on the second guy he ported to. Also, the noobs wont be able to mark any place they haven't unlocked. The noobs wont be able to start battles. They wont be able to join battles, unless the person they teleported to is in the battle.

Everybody, I think this will solve our little problem! With this, the lower levels will be able to explore everything they need and they can help their friends. As for the Grands and Legends, they wont have to see people joining their battles. This will make the Spiral a happier place!