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The New Gear?

Jan 28, 2010
Just a quick question, is there any good gear in celestia? Like stuff that gives more health and more attack and power pip chance for each lvl set you increase. (for life death and balance i believe) Now all the gear i have seen is sacrifice health for power or sacrifice power for health. Is it just that there has not been time for gear to get to the bazaar? I am a life and I need balanced gear, for one: For soloing I need good attacks boosts otherwise it will take a very long time. Two: I group with friends quite a bit and lots of times I am just healing, no attacks so for that i need more health.

It is a hastle to have two sets of gear for each thing I am doing, I can barely remember to switch to my death wand when fighting life. So to conclude, Is there any balanced gear in celestia.

Oran Stronghammer lvl 54 Life