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The Length of Celestia

Nov 11, 2009
Ok so i understand that worlds are meant to be long and i can see that but Celestia overdid it first we started in the survey camp and everything with the district of the stars but that took a while i mean there were constant bosses that most of them were very hard to do by yourself and constant dungeons but Lets forget about that for a second and talk about the trial of spheres That dungeon left me breathless it took me three hours and it was the longest dungeon ever. So we start with an easy puzzle then the door opens and we are greeted with a very hard boss that took around an hour to beat that way overly hard boss who cheats then we begin the moon part this was the most irritating because i had to beat five people twice then and by the time we beat the first dungeon a person had left after we did the ten minion battles we Of course had to do a boss and after that it had been two hours i texted my friend and said its over right? but no no no no it wasnt over there was still the part as if it wasnt long enough by that time it was only me and my friend left two people already left because of the length of the dungeon so we had to do some mirror thingy and not get pulled in then we rose up to a circle floating in the middle of the sun it looked like it was very cool but moving on the boss again made us keep fizzling and had a lot of health so once i finished the dungeon i stopped playing for the rest of the day because that took around four hours.

Nov 16, 2012
I honestly didn't have difficulty with Celestia. As a Wizard I completed Wintertusk first (which was easy as because 2/3 enemies are ice) got to a high level (about 58) had my rank eight and just went ham in Celestia.. The only thing I couldn't solo was trail of spheres. So I went back did more side quest became level 65 (?) and got one friend. At level 65 I learned rain of fire (so over powered) and killed all the basics with that and the bosses with efreet. I only needed one person to heal on the first boss. Sooooo .... if you level up in WIntertusk before Celestia it's actually quite easy.