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tea set crafting mission

Mar 14, 2012
i am level 70 i have everything that i need to buy the spell to to craft tge tea set and it wont let me why

yes i have accepted the quest in Celestia I am at level 70. to buy the recipe you have to have certain things including 5 reshuffling card which i have and it still will not let me buy the recipe is there something i am missing
oh and i have the basic crafting table the equipment crating table and the? housing crafting table
what do i do now

Oct 15, 2010
I'm sorry, but you're not being very clear with what you want.

Have you purchased the recipe in Grizzleheim?
Have you accepted the quest in Celestia?
Are you a high enough crafting rank?
Are you using the right crafting station?

^Some questions to ask yourself that might help.^