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Support Question, what triggers Astraeus?

Jun 15, 2009
ok, this is a double sided oddity here.

(My ice)
i have ran through him solo, even stepped over him laughing HARD CORE on ice, in fact the laughter was so loud i'm suprised everyone playing couldn't hear the echo or see the glass crack on thier windows from the laughter and speed at which i can OWN him, like a little pet lol

but on the OTHER side of the table ...

(My storm)
it seems you can't ever get the minions down, wand the tower and hit the boss in any usfull time frame without all 7 gold pips, and when you pull the minions off with a lord, WELL! here they are again! next turn! second tower to add to THAT one, i seen like ONE TIME what looked like little minions just out of camera shot above the fight circle, so if there is a visual to tell when they will "line up" again, it is misplaced and serves no point and the camera angles can't show them lining up ... the problem is, there is not enough info to describe the occurance of the cheat end of story
ultimate blood pressure boss for storm so far lol

anyone else who has REAL info on the actual cheat that is triggered and how he does, please post here, don't expect to hear one though, the sarch to how the minions/tower is called is at a dead end with no real info, have been searching lots, many websites also

i had to think like i thought and felt on both wizards, it has been an odd fight with almost no info to help describe HOW he does cheat
my storm and ice have had COMPLETLY oppisite results soloing astraeus.
but would love this info to be able to help ALL schools and wizards face the maddness that is, Astraeus ...

Feb 14, 2009
Sorry I know this doesn't help much but the boss will randomly throw up mgea towers and everytime you break it when the guards are with him,

May 31, 2010

From playing him a couple of times , from what I am guessing , Minions are called when the last one is killed. So I make it a practice to leave at least one alive. Boss will tower whenever he is hit, Ideally need someone who can remove that shield , then stack up everything you can before hitting.

If he starts holding several shields , best to just throw out quake. He will cast one tower after quake , then just need to remove one.

Jun 15, 2009
(on my ice)
i know that when the minions are gone, after he will throw down a tower after, and then i would usually wand it, and then on some fights with my ice, he will never call more. easy straght forward fight with astraeus.

(on my storm)
he will call them right back (after clearing minions), after the first set is gone or i might get to wand the tower, then use a VERY WEAK tempest or throw a bolt at him, (if i didn't go for the all gold pips and take the damage to almost death) and that is if i am lucky, also i have tried to kill one minion at a time to see is it could try to "offset some kind of constilation" from reforming, also not have the same to card type next to each other, not use the same spell in a row, not pass more then once, all these stratigies seemed to be a pointless run ...

am still wondering how these 2 are having totally differant luck here lol

Community Leader
This boss , well he is a tricky one. I usually hit him with many melts ( ice dispell),this will help against the towers. Try to set up for one major hit as he will keep calling his minions.
If this is allowed ,here is a guide I found

Hope this helps