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Stuck On Stormriven

Aug 28, 2010
Hello, Good People of Wizard101. This is Dylan Darkbreeze lvl 53 Grandmaster Necromancer. I have a problem in Stormriven ...........Well, u know the quest where you half to collect 3 medallion segments from some shadow-web mercenaries then you talk to Karolak Nightspinner and u get into a battle with him. And me and my friend defeated him and nothing happened and then he appears again. And we decided not to get into another battle with him. How do I complete that main quest......... Do i have defeat him multiple times or what?????.........I'm so mad :x :? :?

Feb 28, 2009
I think you should kill him again if you didn't complete the quest try again

Jul 29, 2010
PiratePat wrote:
I think you should kill him again if you didn't complete the quest try again

I agree

Aug 08, 2010
If you enter that dungeon with someone who has already completed that quest, or that part of the quest, it will not load correctly. You should enter the dungeon alone, so that it will load properly, and then have your friend port in to help you.

Jul 09, 2010
Hi I also need help in Stormriven, my good friends, this is Rowan Windwisper Grandmaster Sorcerer. I am stuck trying to use the Celestian Generator in Stormriven. It tells me to use it, but when I get to it, nothing lights up for me to press the X key. I thought maybe I had to fight all the bad guys, but they kept reforming, so I guess that wasn't the answer. Anyone able to point me in the direction? PLEASE! :? :x :-o :(
Thanks much.