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stuck at calypso

Nov 20, 2009
Hi guys,

I need some help here. I am at calypso and it says to talk with her.
I go talk with her and I have to battle her. After that it says talk to calypso and she
is standing in the back of the usual area she is in. I go talk with her
and she moves to the center where the battle usually is.

My quest says talk to calypso, and I talk with here, she drags me into battle, and this
continues over and over and I am completely stuck.

I did the quest with my death, no big deal, but with my balance I cant move
to the next quest.

Please help me, thank you,

Nov 11, 2008
After you fight her one time, there should be a lever to call her back to fight her again. Maybe if you click that she will let you talk to her. If that doesn't work then I don't know what to tell you. Good luck.