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May 09, 2010
I finished the quests in stormriven or so I think i did and I have't been given the next quest. I went back to see if I forgot something but could not find anything. I even contacted Kingsisle for help and they were no help. Someone please give me some suggestions as to what I can do to move forward.

Mar 27, 2009
If you finished Stormriven, then you should have both the star and moon relics installed in the Grand Astrolabe in Celestia. You should be headed to the Science Center now. Did you talk to the Engineer in the Celestia Base Camp? She is the one who gives you the quest "Scientific Method" (which leads you to the Science Center) after you beat Stormriven. Try to see if you can access the Science Center already, and check to see if you have the "Scientific Method" quest. If not, you might need to check somewhere back in Stormriven.