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Stormriven overloaded!

Jun 15, 2009
at the moment, i have noticed, every realm i am heading to here, there is ether a full fight going, or 1 or 2 more waiting yelling at the people to hurry up, this is unreal.

could you by any chance be able to construct a possible sigil like portal so that we can all get a chance at these, AND have it be like a limit 4 dungeon or even a tower so friends or random fighters can team up for an alternate way to be able to battle these monsters, i have been trying myself to jump into one for about 20 minutes, who's to say how long some of the other people out of the circle have been trying or how many mosters they have gotten in on, or if they had been pushed out themselfs from these fights.

at the moment it is unreal to try to get in on these and every lvl of player is showing up here also, it is actually WORSE then wizard city kracken, that kracken does not cheat, these are FAR HIGHER in health, AND cheat lol

(not being mean, i respect the lower lvl players seeking an extream challenge with the skill to hold there own, but not all those lower lvl players are always the most skilled of players sometimes, but again, some are there for the challange and can throw down with the best of us without much worry, i for one have dabbled in this odd form of amusement myself lol)

May 27, 2009
I noticed this yesterday, I changed realms three times and there was always a full battle circle and extra people waiting. Granted, it was peak time and most realms were Full or Crowded. No Perfect Realms during school breaks, I guess.

It's just a hazard of how the area was designed.

Aug 07, 2009
I agree that they should make a tower for it, but i wish everyone can get in. Are you allowed to summon them at the end of CL? I hope so cause it is very annoying having to be the dependent one waiting for a summon.