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Storm Zappers

Oct 24, 2009
The monsters in CL are just too hard for me! I mean the Storm ones. They cast Triton EVERY round and NEVER fizzle! Every wild bolt they cast is an 1000 hit. Also, NEVER fizzle. Comon. And they gain power pips every round while my power pip chance is at 72% I get normal types I died over and over again and they all focus me even if my friend helps me Fix this bug plz so I can be done with CL

Feb 14, 2010
Use storm shield on your first turn. Use a storm shield on your second turn.
Use a blade and a Multi attack spell with a Gargantuan.
Their behavior is not a bug.
They don't Triton every turn and they do fizzle so maybe you just had bad luck one battle. Wild bolt sometimes hits for 1k but not every time.
They are tough but they can be beaten with good strategy. You said you had help so you should be able overcome them.

*There is method to their "attention" also and there are ways to shift their "Attention" or avoid it when you are fighting in groups.

Apr 05, 2009
well your power pip chance is high most schools get way less and you dont hear them complaining. also change your strategy and use shields more. they should be easy even for storm. if they dont fizzle get some smoke mantles. use more heals and bring out a minion if you still die get friends

Oct 24, 2009
I shortened my deck to the 20-30s. I put in as many storm shields as I could, they never come out! They come out at the last few rounds... My power pip chance is 72% first round I get 4 pips 2 rnd I get normal one pip.
They always triton me with full blades and traps. And their wild bolt hits me at 1000k no matter what. They barely fizzle! You can ask my friends, honestly, the more friends I get, the more monsters.. They save their pips up to 6+ and then first one stormzilla, second one triton, third one wild bolt, last one tempest. I dont manage to survive that do I.. Yes and they attack with blades and trap and all that. My Ice friend tried to shield me as much tower shields as possible but they take the shield off right before they cast it. When I tried to Satyr, it fizzled! I have 3% accuracy, so it should have 93% accuracy and that other 7% made it fizzle! And I agree, it might have been me bad luck.... It took me 4 hrs and a half now making myself the last player well just to try and collect 3 things. So whats with that?

Nov 04, 2010
Its easy. My friend always says: If ya cant handle the heat, stay outta the fireplace! If ya cant take the triton, stay out of CELESTIA!

Jul 27, 2011
buy myth henchmen and fill your deck with myth spells traps,blades,storm shields have fun!! 8)

Ellie lvl-50 Ice Wizard

Oct 24, 2009
Why would I leave Celestia? It's my quest and I have to finish it.
Also, I wouldn't waste crowns on Henchmans, plus I am Life/Storm. (Chosen at random when I was new to W101)
But I'm done with that quest now that I can Finally Critical them on the 3rd round and high resistance AND 91% power pip.