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Still beating those fire crabs in that quest?

Jun 16, 2009
Hey guys, well it just came to me since I am stuck in that quest in CL when I couldnt collect the stuff, I just couldnt kill them even though i am lvl 52 balance! Have you guys ever had that problem? Let me know and ill check!

~ 8)WolfStrongShield Master of Balance lvl 52 8)~

Stay awesome!

Apr 12, 2011
no i am fire and it was still fairly easy for me i used no converts and was lvl 48 guess that is just a problem for you idk

Aug 12, 2009
I did not have much trouble with CL; it was a great world! =)

I wish there were an easier way in game to find people who needed your help.

Devin Darksong – lvl 60 Death
Digby Darksong – lvl 60 Life
Duncan Darksong – lvl 60 balance
Dylan Darksong – lvl 60 Storm
Dustan Darksong – lvl 60 Myth
Dolan Darksong – lvl 60 Ice

Jan 02, 2010
I have now defeated 22 of them (I'm fire, they're fire) and I still only have 2 Bottles of Sealant. I'm probably not going to do Celestia. This is very boring and frustrating. It's taken me almost 2 hours. At this rate, it will take 2 evenings, 4 hours and I'm not sure it's worth it.