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some stuff to discuss....

May 29, 2009
Just so every one knows this is not a ranting thread!!!

I just have a few questions that maybe u guys could clear up for me.

Question 1:
I know that their are some creatures who are members of the sun, moon, and star classes and i was just woundering what are their resists/boosts?

Question 2:
Why did KI decide to make the creatures boost to different classes then what they are supposed to boost to. For example: Storm enemies in celestia boost to myth AND life spells now.

Question 3:
What is your favorite creature class/boss in celestia right now? Mine has to be the italian speaking crabs for the creatures, Ptolemos in the Trial of the Speheres is my favorite boss because he actually cheats in a way that help you ;).

Question 4:
I have a new PVP sun spell that i think would make people happy and it is this:
--- Steal Turn - Sun - Rank 1 (Steal one enemies turn to cast spell) - PVP Warlord Only - Costs: 10,000 Gold

Tell me what you guys think about this spell and please try answer my other questions.