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Some Final Comments...

Aug 03, 2009
After three months(!), I finally completed Celestia! Overall, wonderful job! This was a truly "stellar" world (pun intended) and I look forward to whatever act will top it! Just a few final remarks:
First the bad things:
(1) Ice enemies. I felt they were a bit unfair, seeing as they always went first, spammed Tower Shields and seemingly 100% accuracy Storm mutations, and most had upwards of 1,700 health. (Plus collecting from those Waverunners? When there is algae all around them?)
(2) Collection Quests. Some just did not make sense. I never got "did not collect bark from tree man, please try again" There were several examples of this: Bark from tree men, rocks from golems, gears from robots, teeth from sharks.
NOW, on to the upsides:
(1) Aesthetics. AMAZING job with each area. Finally a world with plenty of diversity in its various districts, as opposed to previous worlds, where districts were mostly the same.
(2) Bosses. Adding the Interrupt bosses made Boss fights require a bit more strategy than saving up pips and unleasing 6-pip attacks over and over again.
(3) Instances. Particularly, "Calypso's Cavern" and "Sanctum of the Sun." These were the most EPIC boss areas yet, and I look forward to similar (or better) ones in the future! Especially battling on the surface of the Sun!
(4) Enemy diversity. Not just world-specific foes, spiders, and zombies! I was glad to see Crabs, Sharks, Aliens, Anglers, Robots, Water-Moles, Fly-Spectre things, DS-reminiscent ghosts, Palm Treants, and unique bosses (Mithraya, Asteaus, Calypso) as part of the wide menagerie of foes!
(5) New schools. Gargantuan and Star Auras have saved me so many times, and definately make battles more interesting!
So there's my final view on Celestia. I can't wait to see what surprises follow it!