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Should I be worried?

Sep 21, 2008
I am level 52 fighting Jungletooth/Jungleteeth for a collect main quest. Am I running behind on levelups? If so, how can I get back on track? :?

Apr 02, 2010
Will, either you skipped a bunch of side quests, you didn't do Grizzleheim, or you happen to be among the group of people that didn't spend months or maybe even years at Grandmaster/Level 50. Or you just happen to play pretty well, or you don't help others out.

You should be aware that there is a dungeon called the Chancel, that had a bug. I believe the plan was the first time 30,000 points, the second time, 15,000 points, and the third and so on, normal battle xp. Instead it was 30,000 each time when I did it, and I did it a bunch of times, got from Level 58 to Level 60 pretty quick. Then I noticed it became 15,000 each time for a friend. Now its fixed. You need a friend who has access to the dungeon to get in. Its still not a bad place to get items to sell for gold, especially if you are Life or Death. I believe you also get a Pink Dandelion seed each time.

The people you come across in game might have been going through that dungeon to "power-level" their character. Now that its fixed, they have gone back to finishing the storyline.

Jan 01, 2010
I think I did that quest around level 54 with my three wizards that have gone through there. But I usually do all side quests along the way. If you can complete the quest, not sure it matters. And you're not that far off (as opposed to the mid 40's I have seen doing it). Good luck!

Mar 18, 2010
My son is level 54 and in Stormriven. I suspect you are like him and did not do side quests earlier on. If you feel need go back to earlier worlds and in Celestia and look for them. If you are comfortable and feel like you can handle things at your current level continue forward.