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Several questions.

Jul 20, 2011
I had to ask these questions, as Celestia includes many game-changing mechanics that I need to know about.

Astral Spells - Do you have to use training points to gain these spells, or are they free as soon as you reach the required level? Or do you have to do a quest to get them?
Do power pips count for astral spells?

Criticals - Does your base critical and block chance increase as you level up? If yes, then what is the level that your start gaining base critical and block chances?

Difficulty - Is Celestia going to get even harder and harder as you progress through or will it sort-of keep its regular difficulty?

Spells - Any storm and astral spells that I should be putting into my deck? No moon spells though, I'm not interested in that.

Equipment - Whats some reccomended equipment I should be wearing? Level 55+ only, as I'm set for level 50 gear.


Olivia Lightgarden - Level 50

Dec 26, 2012
1.) Astral Spells cost training points, and most astral spells are 0 pip until you get the Khrysalis moon spells.

(There are three quests given to you by Ogden Peake in the Celestia Base Camp that award you with a training point.)

2.) I'm pretty sure there's a mechanic called "critical decay." Every once in a while you'll see your critical decrease when you level up, even if you didn't change anything.

3.) Yes, from what I saw, Celestia did progress in difficulty.

4.) I don't know about storm spells, but amplify and fortify are good star spells. Getting the sun spells that make your spells stronger is also good.

5.) Don't know about gear but once you reach level 60 you should farm Waterworks.

Hope this helps a bit!