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Selfish henchman

Aug 10, 2011
I always die fighting Crustacean Waverunners. I bought a level 70 henchman the gorilla zafaria guy lol and we were dueling Crustacean waverunners. He was full health and wouldn't stop healing himself! I mean he did like 50 healings on himself and 1, YES 1 healing on me. We barely made it expect i had some ice shield treasure cards. Sheesh. I kept getting critictaled frost gianted and icezillaed! We barely survied. But then it said did not collect. All that for nothing? Im level 50 and im scared of these guys! I had tower shield treasures, ice shield treasures, 3000+ health and critical gear! Can something be done about these "Waverunners" and henchman? Or am i missing something?

Alura Mythshade, level 54 necromancer with *Currently* 2973+ health.

Edit- Nevermind, I defeated them with Henchman, Woot! But they also seemed to increase the drop of the Algae. Hmm..............?

Sep 19, 2009
May 31, 2011
You are not alone in your disappointment of the new henchmen.

If you check KI's announcement on the Ravenwood Commons board you will see a number of complaints about them.

Dec 16, 2009
Mar 15, 2010
I have been using the old level 4 life henchman as I have battled through Stormriven, as the level 5 - 7 life henchman spent my money on keeping themselves healthy. The Level 7 henchman I bought never hit a single opponent or healed me.

Jul 11, 2011
hela3 wrote:
they're weak and idk if they are worth like 500 crowns

I like the old human looking henchmen best. I really miss them!!!
Hey, can we get old henchmen back??