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second school help

Aug 02, 2009
I am grand storm and first trying to use my second school, death. It will take at least 12 pips to cast wrath and use all 12. I have tried to "work in " the spell but no change. Is just the way it is or am i missing something? Thank you for any help.

Jan 01, 2010
Not sure what you are trying to do exactly but if you are trying to caste Wraith, I would strongly recommend against it. Power pips do not work for casting spells out of your school. So, assuming you have 6 power pips, you could caste one Wraith but 2 Titans since you only need 3 power pips to cast Titan (not in the game right now; I think Titan is 6 pips).

The best use for secondary schools is for particular spells. In the case of Death, many people will train up to Feint. For Ice, many people train to Tower. Those are one and zero pip spells respectively so the power pip issue doesn't really come into play.

If you want to play Wraith, which is a really cool spell, start a Death wizard! It is a great school, though for some reason I CANNOT get my death robes!

Have fun!

Apr 02, 2010
Death spells are pretty worthless without Death Blade, which is a +40% increase in the hit. Also Death Trap, another +35%.

And then like the previous poster said, power pips.

Try to get your hands on a Ninja Pig Polymorph Treasure Card, though it seems the Storm school wizards and witches like Treant. Morph, heal, and have the last spell cast be Regenerate, then start wailing again.

Ever wonder what a school-less Wizard101 would be like, where you start the game without having to decide your school? No power pips stuck to a school? But still have the general interface and game play? In my mind I call it Wizard102