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repeat of last night

May 31, 2009
As I was killed by Cuthalla last night so also I was killed by my next opponents where I was hit three times by frost Giant, each time stunned and not able to heal or play. I still do not see the competition in this type gaming. For two nights now it has been frustrating and I am about to the point of not returning and playing. If standing there and being killed is a players idea of fun then they know nothing about gaming.
I fear like myself, the game will make players leave the game. How many times will they accept frustration and going nowhere in questing.
For me I got to point I hated to come in game I was so frustrated, and I am returning to this point again. Not being able to hit, and just being clobbered over and over till dead is not my way of enjoying a game.
Surely the makers of this game have a clear mind when it comes to understanding what players want from a game.... Just being killed and unable to do anything about it, is not what players enjoy.
I will return to my three count and your out. From this point on if I am killed and not allowed to return hits and just stand there and get killed I will allow this for three times, then I am out,, completely out...... My leaving is no fault of anyones but the games.