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rank 8 spells

Dec 18, 2009
Could somebody PLEASE give an accurate discription of each rank 8 spell and what it does?!!!!!!!!! I've read like two things about ra (I'm balance) and they were really good and the suspense is KILLING ME! Please help me out!!

May 01, 2010
well these damages might be a little off but here:
fire: Efreet a genie looking thing materializes from a red cloud coming out of a lamp-does around 875 damage with a 90% weakness

storm: Leveiathan a sea serpent thing pops out of water and attacks a player- 1020 damage plus taking away to weaknesses

ice: snow angel something looking like a ghost on a horse with wings flies down and attacks-does like 125 damage and 700 over time?

balance: Ra you seem to know

death: skeletal dragon it does 300 up front? and 700 over 3 turns? pretty sure

life: forest lord a beast (if you have ever seen star wars it looks like Chewbaka, excuse the spelling) it comes out and does 600-750? damage to all enemies

and last but not least

myth: Medusa does around 790 damage to an enemy and stuns them for to turns

i hope this helps and sry if it isnt 100% accurate

Scot Soulhammer~legendary pyromancer

Dec 18, 2009
Thanks so much, Scott, it really helps, and I'm not trying to be sarcistic, but I would like to learn particularly about ra. But again, thanks for all the other stuff!

Dec 04, 2010
Ra is a half bird, and half man. He is like the Egyptian god of the sun. He attacks by putting his crook down on the ground, making a sound. Then, he uses his ankh and throws fire from the Sun onto the opponent, dealing 560-640 base damage. It has 85% accuracy, but for some reason, I fizzle on Ra constantly.

All the other ones you probably know by now.

Apr 26, 2009
I think the rank 8 life spell is supposed to be Humbaba the monster from the epic of "Gilgamesh".

Diana D.