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Question for KingsIsle/Game Developers

Jun 13, 2009
Why do you have treasure card vendors in Celestia when they do not sell Celestian cards?

Feb 14, 2009
Because people being people and having to exploit anything they can, were using the cards in low level pvp. Imagine a 300 damage imp, as well as constant polymorph exploits

Jun 13, 2009
AlecVolterra wrote:
Because people being people and having to exploit anything they can, were using the cards in low level pvp. Imagine a 300 damage imp, as well as constant polymorph exploits

I am tired of hearing about the developers changing things in the game because of PVP! I DO NOT do PVP and if I chose to do it in the future I certainly won't be complaining about other schools' spells.

How does PVP help me win a duel against a 10,450 health boss? Would somebody please explain that to me?

I have had such a hard time defeating talos for my Medusa spell because I could buy any Gargantuan treasure cards to help me score high hit points.

I have said this already and I will say it again. KingsIsle Entertainment need to separate PVP from PVE.

PVP is mainly for people who have already completed the game and have nothing better to do on their subscription. I have just about had it with PVP complaints.

Now I have a harder time completing my Grandmaster Artisan Quest because I HAVE to go and craft treant Polymorphs.

The fact of the matter is taking away Celestian treasure cards from the Archivist doesn't really make any sense. The last time I checked you can learn Gargantuan from a trainer once you have reached level 58 providing that you had bought back your training points and you also can learn polymorphs spells from the moon trainers in the portico. So, what is the point of this really?

Professor Falmea, as the producer of Wizard101, I would like to request that you and your faculty consider implementing separate rules for PVP that does not affect the normal game-play.

To the extent that PVP complaints have grossly affected PVE and have hampered other wizards abilities to complete quest without the hardships that they now face (due to PVP curtailments) is cause for great concern.

This whole PVP issue is getting out of hand and it is getting on my nerves. Something needs to be done about it and soon.

Dec 11, 2008
ya its all cuz of pvp players, mad cuz there is yet more "unfairness" going on and i think its dumb cuz thats one more way to help thoses that quests and use said cards to help then but NOOO we have to make sure the non paying wizards that just play the game for practice pvp (that is free) so it can be fair to all schools, its not me to blame you cant go to CL and get the spell or have the gold to buy it

Hunter ashgem (60) life wizard
"life of the party, lets heal it up!"

Jul 27, 2009
they could have made it so the Celestian cards be ineffective in lower level cities... below Dragonspyre

i.e. ... the enhancement cards for strength would give not more then the extra strength the cards of that level would provide.

it would make then useless to use or trade below.

or in the bazaar may it not worth the trouble to trade them like no more then getting a few coins for them as they have no real enhancement value now.

Jun 07, 2009
you guys made medusa quest to hard i am wasting my ten dollars on yo guys

Jun 07, 2009
making the medusa quest like it is is to hard love if you make it easy plz thats all me and my friends ask :XD

Oct 11, 2009
Yeah, thanks to the PvP players, Wild Bolt is now useless. And I'm Fire and I don't even play PvP.

Jan 28, 2010
Can you please check the Trial of Sheres drop rate for hats and robes the last three days and over 50 fights i keep getting nothing but robes and no hats.I need the tempest topper and all my friends tell me they have not seen that hat given out in 2 weeks.Can you please check and see if there is a problem