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questing in celestia-annoying and unreasonabl

Feb 08, 2009
I post this on Celestia but it also goes for all other worlds.

I hate it when you have a quest when you have to fight multiple enemies to collect something, or just fight them in general, and after the battle it says you didnt collect them. This is a problem and more serious in celestia when for at the end of a battle am almost dead by fighting storm crabs and not getting anything. I was just in the grotto doing the main quest of getting clues from the crustacean clawcutters, i got lucky and just barely beat them and it said i didnt collect it!
This is just outrageous that after a hard working battle it has the nerve to tell you that you didnt collect it. I would like for this to be changed instead of me fighting 50 crabs or monsters at a time just to get one of the items i need for my quests

May 27, 2009
This type of quest is best played in crowded realms with full battles of four on four. Don't be afraid to join an existing circle. Everyone is in the same boat, and the more enemies, the better the odds of collecting. I almost never collect the item if it's just me against two enemies. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that way or not, but it definitely seems true. Soloists better be prepared to slog it out through many, many battles.