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Quest Drop Ratings in Celestia

Jun 15, 2009
I know I am not the only one that is having trouble with drop ratings. I killed some Voltic Eels in Celestia, 2 full groups of them and used nova on them whenever I could. And yet I did not receive one tablet. For the quest where you collect seaweed from the Crustaceans I had gone with some friends to do that quest and after the second group they had all finished and I had still not received 1 of the things for the quest. Is there something wrong with my Char, like a bug? If not, please change the drop ratings, a battle takes about 15mins in Celestia if its a full group, and getting full groups and not getting any drops is really annoying. Thanks for any replies!

Aug 23, 2009
You aren't the only one to experience frustration of drop rates, but NO the it doesn't need to be changed. I know it can be frustrating, but come one if everyone got it in first drop or four it would be way to easy to a new expansion world designed to test both your suitability and ability for worlds to come. I know it takes time, but deal with it and do it as designed. If it were a true design fault KI would have already fixed or put out announcement.